Delta TPX

Changing the Prescription for Precision Immunotherapy


We are using optimized human enzymes to target the largely unexplored tumor small molecule immune messengers and microenvironment regulators that can be drivers of disease progression


At Delta TpX we aim to change the lives of cancer patients by genetic targeting of the small molecule immune messenger pathways playing a role in escape from antitumor immunity


Enzyme therapeutics provide a highly specific means of blocking small molecule immune messengers that cannot otherwise be effectively achieved with antibody or small molecule antagonists. Our pipeline of engineered human therapeutic enzymes has the potential to chance how  

Our Lead Molecule

DTX-5500 is a genetically targeted enzyme replacement therapy for an immunotherapy target found in tumors with deletion or silencing of the methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP) tumor suppressor gene. Deletion of MTAP at Chromosome 9p21.3 is the second most common tumor suppressor gene deletion in cancer occurring in ~15% of all solid tumors. Loss of MTAP function provides suppresses antitumor immunity through a noncanonical pathway of immunosuppression. In patients MTAP deletion predicts worse survival, an immunosuppressed tumor microenvironment, and resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy. There is already an FDA approved genetic diagnostic test for MTAP deletion

  • MTAP: methylthioadenosine phosphorylase
  • MTA: methylthioadenosine
  • MTR-1P: methylthioribose 1-phosphate


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November 2020 Texas Life Science

January 2021 Biotech Showcase  


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